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Invented during Prohibition, Tennessee moonshine has gone through many transformations over the past 100 years. This historic drink is made with corn, barley, and wheat, creating a powerful spirit similar to whiskey.

So, what’s the best way to serve moonshine? While you’re welcome to drink it straight, there are plenty of great mixers to add. In fact, people have been drinking mixed moonshine drinks since the 1920s.


Cocktails have existed as far back as the 1860s, born from bartenders’ ingenuity and fondness for flair. During Prohibition, mixers were often used to mask the taste of bootleg liquor, as illegal spirits weren’t made with flavor in mind. Today, cocktails and mixers are a way to enhance alcohol, and there are many fun recipes. If you want to try a Tennessee moonshine mixed drink, here are our top mixer suggestions.


Grapefruit juice is a popular choice for cocktails, and moonshine drinks are no exception. This unique citrus has just the right amount of bitterness to complement this Tennessee liquor and enough brightness to cut through.


What’s better on a hot day than a glass of iced tea? If you’re interested in delicious summer sips with just a hint of burn, you can add a shot or two of moonshine to your favorite iced tea. Just keep in mind that with something this tasty, it’s easy to drink more than you intend, so try to keep the ratio to one part liquor, three parts tea.


Folks who love Manhattens are sure to enjoy adding sweet vermouth to their moonshine. You can try a 50/50 ratio if you want a less sweet drink or stick to the traditional two parts moonshine to one-part sweet vermouth for a rich beverage.


If you love a good tart lemonade but want more of a kick, then you need to try moonshine lemonade. Like iced tea, it makes a great summer drink but balances sweetness with sourness. This mix makes a fantastic beverage for a casual get-together on a hot day.


Are you a big fan of beer but want something a little stronger from time to time? Moonshine is the perfect addition to any light ale. All you need is one shot to pump up the intensity of your favorite brew.


If you like sweet citrus, orange juice is an excellent substitute for grapefruit. When added to moonshine, you get a bright, more vibrant beverage perfect for brunch.


Whiskey and coke is a classic, and since moonshine has many of the same elements as whiskey, it’s a great substitute. If you want a beverage that’s equal parts sweet and strong, then whip up a moonshine and coke.


Another traditional mixer is ginger ale, a strong choice that cuts down the bite of alcohol. Whether you’re trying moonshine for the first time or just prefer sweeter drinks, you can’t go wrong with ginger ale.


Moonshine drinks are an excellent option for parties, as they’re strong, diverse, and sport some fun names. If you’re looking for innovative cocktails for your next get-together, here are our top recommendations.


If you have a sweet tooth, you should try adding jam to your cocktails. Strawberry jam is the perfect amount of sweetness for a moonshine mixed drink, and it adds gorgeous red color to boot. To make a moonshine and strawberry jam cocktail, you’ll need the following:

  • Club soda
  • 2-shots of your favorite Tennessee Shine Co. moonshine
  • 2-tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 2-tablespoons of strawberry jam

Take your lemon juice, moonshine, and strawberry jam, and put them in a shaker. Stir or shake until completely smooth. Then, pour into glasses and top with club soda. This recipe makes two glasses, so it’s perfect for a date.


Usually made with gin or vodka, the Salty Dog is typically bitter and a little tart. However, this new twist on an old favorite uses moonshine for the booze and strawberries in addition to grapefruit. The result is sweeter and a lovely shade of blush pink. If you want to make this delicious drink for girls’ night, you’ll need these ingredients:

  • Strawberries
  • Crushed ice
  • Kosher or pink Himalayan salt
  • ⅓-cup of your favorite Tennessee Shine Co. moonshine
  • ⅔-cup strawberry juice
  • ⅔-cup grapefruit juice

To start, line the rim with salt. Then, add ice to the glass. Next, pour the grapefruit juice, strawberry juice, and moonshine into a shaker filled with ice. Shake until mixed, then pour into your prepared glass. Slice a strawberry halfway to the top and use it as garnish.


If you love the classic Sex on the Beach cocktail, you need to try Sex in the Woods. Just as strong as the original recipe, Sex in the Woods is sweet and smokey. If you want to try this sassy cocktail, you need the following:

  • ¾-ounce peach schnapps
  • 1-½-ounces orange juice
  • 1-½-ounces cranberry juice
  • 2-ounces of your favorite Tennessee Shine Co. moonshine

Pour your ingredients into an ice-filled glass and stir. If you’re feeling fancy, add an orange slice to the rim as garnish.


If you love peach cobbler as much as we do, then you’ll adore this dessert-inspired cocktail. To mix up this beverage, you need these ingredients:

  • ½-cup peach schnapps
  • ¾-cup of your favorite Tennessee Shine Co. moonshine
  • 3-cinnamon sticks
  • 4-fresh peaches
  • 1-cup brown sugar
  • 64-ounces white grape peach juice

Put the cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, and peaches in a pot and bring to a boil. Cook for three to four minutes, then allow to cool. Next, add the peach schnapps and moonshine. Strain out the peaches and cinnamon sticks, then serve over ice.


This rich orange drink has a lot of unique ingredients, but hear us out. It’s delicious and a fantastic choice when all you want is a boozy popsicle. To make it, you’ll need the following:

  • 1-gallon orange juice
  • 2-cups sugar
  • 4-teaspoons vanilla extract
  • ½-cup powdered vanilla coffee creamer
  • 3-cups of your favorite Tennessee Shine Co. moonshine

Boil the orange juice in a large pot. Add the coffee creamer, vanilla extract, and sugar, then stir. Allow to cool, then add moonshine. If you want a mellower taste, store for a few days before serving.

Tennessee Shine Co. uses an old family recipe to create top-tier Tennessee moonshine. We offer free tasting at our four locations so that you can find the perfect drink. If you have any questions or want to find a retailer near you, get in touch online or call us at 865-286-4262.