A young woman enjoys a flavored moonshine drink from Tennessee Shine Co. out of mason jar glass

Learn About the Different Types of Flavored Moonshine and Why People Enjoy Them

Moonshine is a treat that has its roots in frontier states such as Tennessee. Today’s drinks are the tasty products of hundreds of years of refinement. You can even get flavored moonshine to put a new spin on your favorite cocktails.

What if you’ve never had flavored moonshine before? How can you tell which you’ll like? The first step is figuring out which category tickles your taste buds.

Tasting Moonshine Flavor Varieties

It turns out moonshine goes with a wide range of flavors, which is why we love to mix and match sweet, spicy, and decadent. However, most offerings fall into one of three categories: dessert, fruity, and candy. All three are delicious.

What Dessert Flavors Go Best With Moonshine?

Who doesn’t love a good cake or cookie? Something sweet hits the spot like no other food. That’s the concept behind dessert-flavored moonshine. Of course, there’s such a thing as too sweet, so you need a dessert that strikes the perfect balance.

Key Lime Pie

This traditional dessert is the perfect combination of tart and sweet. Paired with rich moonshine, you get to explore an intense range of flavors.

Root Beer Float

Root beer floats combine rich, bubbly soda with creamy, decadent vanilla. Fans know this flavor is already perfect for beverages, which is why adding moonshine just makes sense.

Pumpkin Spice

Once autumn sets in, the pumpkin spice lattes and other drinks make their appearance. If you love those, why not try this flavor in your moonshine? Warm and nostalgic, a little pumpkin spice moonshine may make those holiday dinners pass by a little faster.

Apple Pie

Apple pie and moonshine are two all-American classics that tickle the taste buds in all the right ways. Apple pie’s mix of spice and sweetness complements moonshine’s smokiness, creating a perfectly balanced beverage.

Banana Pudding

OK, just hear us out on this one. Banana pudding isn’t the sugariest dessert on the menu, making it perfect for those without a sweet tooth. Instead, it offers a strong banana flavor with an undercurrent of creamy goodness. Match that with moonshine, and you get a unique taste you’ll want to revisit.

Why Do People Enjoy Dessert-Flavored Moonshine?

Moonshine has always been a strong liquor, and when you buy a genuine Tennessee brand, you get recipes handed down generations. However, not everyone likes such an intense taste, which is why flavored moonshine exists in the first place. Instead of watering down a perfectly good drink, flavor lets new fans enjoy the intricacies of moonshine without getting overwhelmed.

Dessert flavors are especially good for those new to moonshine since they cut the bitterness that makes this liquor famous. At the same time, that bitterness softens the sugary nature of desserts, creating an all-around balanced experience.

What Kind of Fruity Flavors Can You Find?

Pretty much every fruit on the planet has found its way into a cocktail. That’s in y’all’s favor because it means there’s something for everyone. From tropical favorites to old-fashioned berries, our shelves have a wealth of fruity flavors to offer.

Wild Cherry

Juicy and bright, wild cherry is a favorite addition to sodas. If you want a pop of flavor in your moonshine, wild cherry is a perfect choice.


If you want a flavored moonshine that’s more on the subtle side, peach is the perfect option. Not too sweet but delightfully juicy, peach is refreshing without veering into sour brightness like lemon or lime tends to do.


Tart and bursting with juice, blackberries aren’t known for their sweetness. However, that makes them a unique and delicious companion to moonshine, as the tartness brings out the sugars created by the fermenting process.

Pina Colada

The cocktail of sunny beaches, Pina Coladas are fun, bright, and delicious. When you combine the acidity of pineapple, the richness of coconut, and the smokiness of moonshine, you get a drink that’s perfect for any occasion.

Why Do People Enjoy Fruit-Flavored Moonshine?

If you like a sweet treat but aren’t a big fan of over-sugary drinks, a fruity Tennessee-style cocktail may be right up your alley. Depending on the fruit, y’all can get a kick of tartness to cut the bitterness or a flash of acidity to bring out the rich natural moonshine flavors.

Which Candy Flavors Should You Try?

People’s taste in candy tends to be as diverse as their tastes in liquor. Fortunately, we’ve got a range of options, from rich chocolate to sugar-spun cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

If you’re a candy lover who craves ridiculous levels of sugar, then cotton candy moonshine should be the first thing you try. Reminiscent of your favorite state fair treat, this flavored moonshine provides sweetness without risking a trip to the dentist.


Though technically a type of caramel, butterscotch has a flavor all its own. As buttery as its name, this candy is sweet, rich, and a touch salty. When paired with moonshine, you get a spectrum of flavors that’s sure to bring you back for more.


Chocolate cream, chocolate chip, dark chocolate — this highly popular candy offers endless possibilities. In fact, you can find several takes on chocolate moonshine, each with something unique to offer.

Salted Caramel

Any fan of salted caramel knows this flavor goes with everything. Rich, sweet, and irresistible, salted caramel transforms moonshine by reinforcing the smoky notes that make this Tennessee classic famous.

Why Do People Enjoy Candy-Flavored Moonshine?

To those who just can’t get enough sugar — y’all are the reason we make candy-flavored moonshine. For most people, candy is the last thing that comes to mind when discussing moonshine. However, fans of candy-flavored liquor know that sweets go with everything, and they’re the perfect partner for strong drinks that need a little sugar to go down.

Finding Your Favorite Moonshine Flavor

Here at Tennessee Shine Co., we want to raise the bar for moonshine. That’s why we’re developing new flavors, which you can taste at our four locations. We also offer tours so y’all can see how we make these delectable beverages. If you have any questions, just give us a holler at 865-286-4262 or shoot us a message online.

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