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Welcome Spring with moonshine cocktails

Looking forward to warmer weather, blooms and icy drinks? Let’s welcome spring with moonshine cocktails! This Winter has been a very cold one with plenty of snowfall covering the Smokies. But after several months of low temperatures, we can’t hold ourselves back at the very first signs of Spring!

And we’re not the only ones. This month the area will be open for all kinds of Spring Break celebrations. So, as the winter layers come off one by one, we wanted to present you some excellent ideas to welcome Spring with your favorite moonshine cocktails. Don’t forget to visit The Smoky Mountains and witness the landscape transformation of this fantastic moonshine destination! Learn more with Tennessee Shine Company! 

Watermelon & Shine

2 oz. Straight of the Still Moonshine
1 oz. Syrup
3 chunks of watermelon
3 lime wedges
5 mint leaves

Directions: Muddle the mint leaves, lime wedges and agave nectar in a mixing glass. Add ice, watermelon and moonshine and shake vigorously. Strain into a Collins glass. Garnish with a mint sprig and watermelon slice.

Apple & Shine

2 oz. Small Batch Apple Pie Moonshine
2 oz. Grapefruit juice

Directions: Build the cocktail in a salt-rimmed mason jar over ice. Stir, and garnish with lime wedges.

Ginger & Shine

2 oz. Small Batch Apple Pie Moonshine
4 oz. Ginger Ale

Directions: Build the cocktail in a mason jar with ice. Stir, and garnish with slices of apple.

Here at Tennessee Shine Company, we stick to our family’s signature recipes – you can taste the authenticity with every swig. And, just like our Prohibition-era moonshiner ancestors, we’re blessed with a view of the Great Smoky Mountains and a love for handcrafting the best small-batch moonshine and whiskey in the country. Pair that with our down-home, friendly atmosphere, and you’ll understand what sets our XXX Distillery apart from the rest. Come on out visit with us and sample our award winning shine.