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We appreciate WATE 6 News interview with TN Shine Co. Head Distiller, Blake Jones about our company’s response during this breakout. The current coronavirus pandemic has led to a drastic need for hand sanitizer in our community. So, we’re stepping up and working hard to bring hand sanitizer to UT Hospital and first responders. Donating it to them is our priority in a time when our community needs our efforts the most.


WEARS VALLEY, Tenn. (WATE) — Sevier County distillery ‘Tennessee Shine Co.’ is doing what it can to address the need for hand sanitizer in our community amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The company is making and bottling hand sanitizer for the people working on the front lines of the crisis.

“The TTB actually released a formula that we can use for hand sanitizer. Luckily for us, the formula is thin enough still that it can be run through our bottling machines. So really as far as production goes, nothing has really changed for us of how we’re bottling, how we’re labeling, stuff like that. It’s just what we’re putting in the bottles is the biggest difference,” said head distiller, Blake Jones.

This is the company’s way of helping amid the coronavirus outbreak.

They’re cutting high proof alcohol with hydrogen peroxide and glycerin, using bottles already on hand, putting on new labels, and getting the sanitizer to those who need it most.

“UT Medical Center, UT hospice needs some, there’s a couple of local doctor offices that need some. Some trauma people, some ambulance services, fire department, first responders. That’s going to be our main goal right now. The people that cannot stay at home, cannot come out of contact with people, that’s who we need to get the sanitizer to,” Jones said.

Jones said the distillery is not charging or selling right now because they understand the need. They bottled about 300 gallons of hand sanitizer on Tuesday and are hoping to continue doing that for as long as possible.

“All we can do is all we can do, but we want to help all we can, for sure,” Jones said.

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