Caramel Whiskey

Our Caramel Whiskey is infused with rich, sweet, silky caramel. This smooth whiskey will leave you wanting more of that perfect balance of caramel notes after it melts in your mouth. Enjoy on the rocks, over top of ice cream, or splashed in a cup of hot coffee.

Cinnamon Whiskey

Born in the hills of East Tennessee, our Cinnamon Whiskey tastes like cinnamon candy. Spicy ground cinnamon notes add to the warm, oak-aged flavor profile. Made with 100% corn whiskey and natural cinnamon, this whiskey remains on the sweeter side while still offering that warming spice you expect. At 66 PF, you can bet this makes for a smooth sip.

Espresso Whiskey

Tennessee Shine Company’s Espresso Whiskey consists of a nutty, dark roast coffee with artisanal characteristics. Powerful roasted bean flavoring, delightful espresso familiarity, and our corn whiskey combined make for a delicious, easy-to-sip drink.

Moonpie Salted Caramel Whiskey

We’ve created the perfect blend of salty and sweet in our Moonpie Salted Caramel Whiskey. Signature notes of caramel are complemented by subtle hints of sea salt, all alongside undertones of oak highlighted by our Tennessee Whiskey.

S’Mores Whiskey

Tennessee Shine Company’s S’Mores Whiskey combines all the flavors of chocolate, marshmallows, and crushed graham crackers. The hints of caramel butterscotch go together like s’mores and a campfire. You’ll be left with a long and sweet finish after every sip.