Apple Pie

Tennessee Shine Company’s moonshine is as American as apple pie. This combination of locally-sourced apple cider and our generations-old family moonshine recipe conjures up memories of warm apple pie on a Summer evening and goes down just as easily.

Big Orange Dreamsicle

The same creamy orange treat that had us chasing the ice cream truck returns in our signature Big Orange Dreamsicle. Its delightful blend of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet flavors are why it rose in popularity and why it remains a classic.

Black Berry

Sip the sweeter side of the Smokies. Our Black Berry Shine has all the flavors of a blackberry straight off the vine. Add a splash to your lemonade for a perfect front-porch-sittin’ drink.

Blue Houdini

We don’t call this one ‘The Panty Dropper’ for nothin’. This sweet combination of fruit punch and blue raspberry flavors is too good to have just one sip. Disclaimer- it only works if you’re wearing them.

Butter Pecan

Sweet and salty What’s better, right? Tennessee Shine Company’s Butter Pecan taste like an adult bowl of butter pecan ice cream. The perfect nightcap anywhere anytime.


Our ChocoMoo Shine is velvety smooth, minimally sweet, and is the perfect flavor of melted chocolate stirred into fresh cream. Enjoy ChocoMoo as a dessert shot, over ice, in an adult milkshake, or even in coffee… because you can’t drink all day if you don’t start early.

Jalapeño Cornbread

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Nanner Puddin’

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ButterSquatch Butterscotch

Our Buttersquatch Moonshine is enriched with that classic butterscotch candy taste from your childhood mixed with our distilled corn spirits. This adult treat is perfect over ice or served over ice cream.