Bourbon Whiskey

Jones Brother’s 96 proof Bourbon is an ultra-smooth blend that will not disappoint that has been hand crafted and aged in a white oak barrel.

Caramel Bourbon

Jones Brother’s Caramel Bourbon has a smooth flavor that is oaky and sweet with a hint of vanilla. Perfect to sip or enjoy with your favorite dessert.

Coffee Bourbon

Jones Brother’s Coffee Bourbon perfectly blends together the flavors of your favorite morning coffee and our signature bourbon. It’s easy to drink neat or in cocktails.

Peach Bourbon

Jones Brother’s Peach Bourbon combines the flavors of a ripe peach with a kick of bourbon. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and woody.

Peanut Butter Bourbon

Jones Brother’s Peanut Butter Bourbon will make you fall in love after the first sip. This one-of-a-kind bourbon has an initial rich peanut butter note with the oakiness and floral hints to follow.