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For over a decade, Tennessee Shine Co. has paired long-time family recipes with superb flavored whiskeys, wines, and moonshine selections imaginable to drinkers in Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina. Our guests enjoy the most exceptional selection and entertaining taste-testing demonstrations from all four locations. At our largest store in Sevierville, Tennessee, we’ve begun hosting world-class moonshine distillery tours for a unique, one-of-a-kind experience.

Let’s explore select portions of our menu. When you come to Tennessee Shine Co., we’ll offer you moonshine flavors to pair with your meal. Our moonshine is full-bodied and smooth while still packing the satisfying punch you’d expect from the best traditional moonshine in Tennessee. Wine and whiskey drinkers alike also have much to explore here. There’s truly something for everyone here at Tennessee Shine Co.

An Unbreakable Family Tradition

We combine decades-old family recipes and distillation techniques with various sophisticated flavor infusions to please both the most modern and traditional tastes. We specialize in small-batch blends; each offering is the culmination of careful attention and pride at every stage in the process – from the selection of pots to the mash recipe and on through to the level of heat and time applied to let the flavors develop naturally. We take our time to create the perfect moonshine every time.

Our friendly neighborhood bartenders are quick with a joke and a tasty pour. Try any of our popular and novel moonshine varieties alike, such as:

We also have various Cream Shine flavors inspired by Moon Pies – try our strawberry, banana, and legendary apple pie varieties! You can rest assured that we always have a near-endless variety of interesting flavors to try along with our standard corn mash recipes to deliver the perfect excuse to kick back, relax, and enjoy the company.

Tried n’ True Whiskey Selection

Our flavored whiskey varieties are equally made to please with time-honored methods from Scottish and Irish immigrants who settled in the Smoky Mountains. With a smooth and subtle taste and a robust body, our Tennessee Shine Co. whiskey is almost as widely renowned as our moonshine – it’s hard to say which people love more.

Flavored Wines Fit for any Occasion

Those more partial to wine also find an array of exciting and interesting offerings from our premium list of wines. Even those who don’t typically consider themselves wine drinkers tend to enjoy theTennessee Shine Co. flavored wine selection. We provide an array of premium white and red varieties, including:

  • Rocky Flat Red
  • Cove Creek White Wine
  • Pigeon Forge Blush
  • Strawberry Wine
  • Pretty & Pink

Folks can’t say enough kind things about our Blackberry variety, for a blend just as rich as it is sweet without overpowering the taste buds. Come on in and try it out for yourself!

Keeping Spirits Bright at Tennessee Shine Co.

Whether you’re won over by our moonshine recipes, taken with our selection of fine flavored wines, or partial to a full-bodied whiskey, we’re always adding new and unique blends to fill our menu. It’s worth checking back often to see what is new on our menu at Tennessee Shine Co. On top of our first-class flavored moonshine, you can enjoy your drink in the most down-to-earth and friendly Southern atmosphere. We proudly serve the Pigeon Forge, Wears Valley, Sevierville, and Gatlinburg regions from any of our four locations, where you’ll feel right at home or as if you’ve gone to visit a dear ol’ friend. Every day is a good day at Tennessee Shine Co. – swing by the next time you’re in the neighborhood, and drop us a line anytime.

Online orders are fulfilled and shipped by a third party service, Speak Easy Co., not by Tennessee Shine Co. 



MoonPie Creams by Tennessee Shine Company are everything you need! Now you can enjoy your favorite childhood-dessert with that chocolatey gram and marshmallow taste in a jar, timeless and proven in appeal, craved for generations in the South. made and bottled in Tennessee! Now with a Strawberry cream twist.

Choco Moo

Tennessee Shine Company’s Choco Moo is velvety smooth, minimally sweet and tastes like melted chocolate stirred into fresh cream. Choco Moo is great as a desert shot, over ice, in an adult milkshake, or even in coffee…because you can’t drink all day if you don’t start early!


Salted Caramel Whiskey

Tennessee Shine Company has created the perfect balance of salty and sweet in their MoonPie salted caramel whiskey with signature notes of caramel, complemented by subtle hints of sea salt to keep the sweetness at bay and light undertones of oak highlighted by the Tennessee Whiskey. 

moonpie banana cream

MoonPie Creams by Tennessee Shine Company are everything you need! Now you can enjoy your favorite childhood-dessert with that chocolatey gram and marshmallow taste in a jar, timeless and proven in appeal, craved for generations in the South. made and bottled in Tennessee.! Now with a banana cream twist.

big orange dreamsicle

That same creamy orange treat that has us chasing the Ice cream truck returns in Tennessee Shine Company’s ‘Big Orange Dreamsicle as a delightful blend of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet, Tennessee Shine Company’s Big Orange Dreamsicle has quickly grown in popularity, as its flavor is second to none.

nanner puddin

A small batch moonshine recipe that has been passed down through generations, Tennessee Shine Company’s recipes stay true to the signature flavors and seasonal blends their families are known for. Tennessee Shine Company’s Nanner Puddin’ is Sweet and thick on the inhale, with a fluffy banana cream finish. The name says it all!

Blue Houdini

The Blue Houdini “Panty Dropper” combines tropical flavors with hints of raspberry fruit punch. The Blue Houdini is all you need. Just open a jar and enjoy the show.

Cotton Candy Moonshine

Tennessee Shine Company’s Cotton Candy Moonshine is sure to appeal to your inner child, reminiscing memories of the county fair. Tennessee Shine Company’s Cotton Candy Moonshine will be quite the conversation piece at your next get-together!  

straight off the still

In our mountains, a man’s worth is built from respect. At the Tennessee Shine Company, we are committed to respecting the traditions of our Appalachian roots from the first drop to the last. Our Smoky Mountain recipes stay true to the signature flavors our families are known for. Tennessee Shine Company’s 135 proof Straight Off the Still is where the rubber meets the road.

Wild Cherry

Tennessee Shine Company’s Wild Cherry Moonshine has the aroma and flavor of sweet maraschino cherries with a Moonshine edge and slight bitterness with a medium body that is bursting with sweet cherry flavor that finishes with a gentle tang.

Deep Blue Margarita

Nothing goes better on a warm, sunny afternoon than the tart and refreshing flavor of limes mixed with the perfect amount of moonshine. Salt the rim and take a sip’.  Tennessee Shine Company’s Deep Blue Margarita starts out with a citrus tang that gives way to a sweet, salty middle with light floral notes sneaking up on the finish. Sure to be an anytime favorite.

MoonPie Coconut Cream

Need a vacation? Tennessee Shine Company  has partnered with MoonPie to bring you MoonPie Coconut Cream. This delightful cream features a sweet, light coconut fragrance and bright notes of rich lingering coconut flavor, and a tinge of rum; this liqueur is a vacation in a jar.

Blackberry Moonshine

Taste the sweeter side of life in the Smoky Mountains with Tennessee Shine Company’s Blackberry Moonshine. Mix it in with some lemonade or use it as the spirit in your next margarita to make a Smoky Mountain Blackberry Margarita our blackberries create a smooth, yet spirited flavor that will keep you coming back for one more sip.

Butterscotch Moonshine

Tennessee Shine Company Butterscotch Moonshine is made with our distilled corn spirits infused with rich butterscotch candy flavor making this an adult treat over ice or drizzled over ice cream. The possibilities are endless!

Peachy Peach

Tennessee Shine Company’s Peachy Peach is what summer days are made of; walking down a path on the farm and reaching up and pulling a fresh sun ripened peach off the limb. Tangy and sweet, the flavors dancing over your tongue in a swirling crescendo of summertime goodness.

Dew Drop 1

Dew Drop Moonshine

Tennessee Shine Company’s roots run deep in tradition, turning a Knoxville whiskey mixer flavor into a Moonshine with just the right amount of citrus and sweetness makes it an all-time summer favorite.

Watermelon Moonshine

A true watermelon Moonshine with a fruity, sweet, and juicy flavor. Tennessee Shine Company’s Watermelon Moonshine has a deliciously refreshing, well balanced taste with a surprising, long finish that lends itself to some outstanding fresh and fruity summer cocktails.

Apple Pie Moonshine

Tennessee Shine Company Moonshine is as American as Apple Pie. This delicious combination of flavors can conjure up memories of warm apple pie on a cool summer evening and goes down just as easy. 

Moonshine Cherries

Paying homage to a Tennessee tradition, Tennessee Shine Company took maraschino cherries and soaked them in our 100 proof original moonshine. This tradition creates an explosion of sweet heat in every perfectly infused cherry.

Jalapeno Cornbread Moonshine

Imagine walking into a family gathering as the air is filled with the aroma of the sweet, golden buttery homemade cornbread with a fluffy center, crispy golden edges, and the perfect crumb with just a subtle hint of jalapeno. A tradition on every southern family’s kitchen table is jalapeno cornbread. From our southern tradition to yours with Tennessee Shine Company’s Jalapeno Cornbread Moonshine.

Root Beer Float

Root Beer Float

Tennessee Shine Company’s Root Beer Float is the embodiment of a simpler timeImagine a tall, iced glass filled with a frothy root beer and two scoops of rich vanilla bean ice cream. A taste that will conjure up memories of a warm summers’ night trip to the drive-in root beer stand to cool down with a sweet and refreshing treat.



Caramel Whiskey

Tennessee Shine Company’s Caramel Whiskey is Infused with rich,  sweet, silky caramel. This smooth whisky will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting one more sip to indulge in this  perfect balance of caramel notes. Enjoy this velvety, rich whisky on the rocks or blended in a favorite mixer over ice cream or in your coffee.

Espresso Whiskey

Espresso Whiskey

Tennessee Shine Company’s Espresso Whiskey consist of a nutty, dark rich roasted coffee aroma with artisanal characteristics and rich essence. Powerful roasted bean flavoring, smooth rich palate, and delightful espresso familiarity. The corn whiskey contributes with the perfect amount of heat with a long and pleasant finish.

Smores Whiskey

S'mores Whiskey

Tennessee Shine Company’s S’mores  whiskey aroma combines chocolate, marshmallow and hints of crushed graham crackers. Caramel and butterscotch scent is as appealing as S’mores are to camping. Vibrant in taste, honey and cream meets chocolate layer cake with graham cracker crust. Long and sweet finish.


MoonPie Salted Caramel Whiskey

Tennessee Shine Company has created the perfect balance of salty and sweet in their MoonPie salted caramel whiskey with signature notes of caramel, complemented by subtle hints of sea salt to keep the sweetness at bay and light undertones of oak highlighted by the Tennessee Whiskey. Timeless and proven in appeal, craved for generations in the South. made and bottled in Tennessee!

Cinnamon Whiskey 1

Cinnamon Whiskey

Born in the hills of East Tennessee, this spicy, sweet cinnamon whiskey tastes like cinnamon candy. Spicy, ground cinnamon notes add to the warm, oak-aged flavor profile of Tennessee Shine Company’s Cinnamon whiskey. Made with 100 percent corn whiskey and natural cinnamon, this whiskey remains on the sweeter side, yet maintains that warming spice that you’d expect from a cinnamon whiskey. At 66 proof, this bottle makes for smooth sipping.

Shine Wine




Pretty in Pink Wine


Wears Valley Red Wine












Rocky Flat Red