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Moonshine Mixers You Should Know

Moonshine Mixers You Should Know!

Just in time for the Holiday’s here is 7 Moonshine Mixers You Should Know.

Combining moonshine with ginger ale is as close to drinking moonshine neat as you’re going to get. The sweetness from ginger ale will just help it go down a little smoother. To highlight moonshine’s distinct flavor, combine moonshine with ginger ale and enjoy with your pals while camping or around a bonfire. Adding ginger ale to flavored moonshines is also a great choice. For a quick cocktail, try it with our apple pie moonshine, in a 2:1 ratio of ginger ale to moonshine. Perfect for the holiday.

You can never go wrong with the undeniably refreshing and bubbly taste of coke as a mixer for any libation. Since moonshine is whiskey, adding coke is just playing on the old favorite of whiskey and coke. Certain sweeter, corn-heavy moonshines have cola notes, so combining moonshine with coke is as natural as a Kentuckian to have whiskey, bourbon, and moonshine on hand. Moonshine and coke can be enjoyed year-round and is perfect to serve at a last-minute gathering with friends and family.

Always a favorite for cocktails, grapefruit juice’s bright and bitter notes pair well with moonshine, bringing out the best of both beverages. Serve moonshine and grapefruit juice with a grapefruit wedge as a poor man’s Paloma at your next Taco Tuesday. Or, try something a little different by combining equal parts grapefruit and our apple pie moonshine (yes, you read that right) in a salted-rim highball glass with a lime wedge—ideal for those last summer days before fall.

Sweeter than grapefruit juice, but just as bright in flavor, orange juice is a fresh, upbeat moonshine mixer. Use orange juice with moonshine for your pals that have a sweeter tooth. For a poolside concoction that will make you feel like you’re sunbathing in Kokomo, try a Coconut Sunrise—a refreshing blend of coconut moonshine, grenadine, and orange juice garnished with maraschino cherries and shredded coconut.

No other beverage is more distinctly summer than lemonade. Moonshine’s power and lemonade’s sweetness is as perfect a pair as sunshine and tan lines. For an easy one-two knockout punch, combine equal parts of moonshine and lemonade in a pitcher to enjoy at your next summer cookout. For an easy batch cocktail ideal for a tailgate on a hot day, use frozen lemonade and sparkling lemonade for an easy batch cocktail, Lemon Blueberry Moonshine Slush.

A close second to lemonade in the most-distinctly summer beverage, iced tea is a great moonshine mixer. We recommend using bottled iced tea as opposed to a home-brewed version, as it easy to overdo the combo. Try equal parts sweet tea and apple pie moonshine, garnished with a lemon wedge, for an easy-breezy libation to be enjoyed on a lazy summer day. Or, combine iced tea, lemonade, and moonshine for a boozy Arnold Palmer to be enjoyed after completing the back nine.

It seems like a no-brainer, but you can never go wrong with using another alcoholic beverage as a mixer in a cocktail. Mix equal parts of Sweet Vermouth and moonshine for a strong, stirred drink to be enjoyed after a long week. Or, try a Moonshine Margarita, using lime juice, simple syrup, and Triple Sec in a 1:2 ratio to moonshine, perfect for fajitas with family and friends.


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