Tennessee Moonshine

How to Use Our Tennessee Espresso Whiskey

Wondering how to use our Tennessee Espresso Whiskey for the holidays this year? Check out some of our favorite ways we liked to use this great tasting whiskey flavor.


  1. Simply open, pour and enjoy! This Espresso Whiskey has a great flavor all on its own. But if you want to spice it up a bit try a few of these tips.
  2. Add a little heavy whipping cream to Espresso Whiskey and warm it up. Nothing says cozy like a hot cup of coffee with a kick.
  3. Do you love spicy? Try a little cayenne pepper in your Espresso Whiskey for an extra punch.
  4. It’s that time of year to break out your favorite brand of maple syrup. Don’t forget to add a little to your Espresso Whiskey to sweeten the pot.
  5. A personal favorite is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! You can never go wrong adding a little chocolate to your cocktail.


Espresso Whiskey

Visit Tennessee Shine Company at one of our locations this holiday season and pick up your Espresso Whiskey.


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