01/ adding the water


When water has reached 165 degrees, the corn grounded into meal is added and the heat is turned off to stir and let the corn set.

02/ adding the corn


Smoky Mountains Authenticity

By sticking to family recipes, we put the same authenticity into our creations as the generations before us using the same time-tested methods and ingredients from days gone by.

Tennessee distillery

03/ malting the grains

wheat & barley

Like traditional moonshiners

The malt comes from grains that have been wetted in order for them to sprout and then dried, leaving it full of enzymes, carbohydrates, and proteins. Once met, the target temperature is then malted and crushed. Grains are then added to convert the starch in the cornmeal into sugar.

04/ the mash


The most important ingredient in brewing

And the last one discovered because yeast is a single-celled organism. It is invisible to the naked eye. Adding the yeast starts the fermentation process. This mixture, called mash, becomes stirred thoroughly and heated in the still.

Tennessee distillery
Tennessee distillery

05/ the batch is ready


We are committed to respecting the traditions of our Appalachian roots from the first drop to the last

Distillation is the last step in the process of making moonshine. We use the same time-tested methods from days gone by. Dedicating 5 to 7 days to every batch we make to obtain our signature Old-fashioned flavor.

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