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Great cocktail ideas for your adult Easter egg hunt. Pick up your ingredients from one of our locations. 

Why should kids have all the fun? Get ready with these great cocktail ideas for your adult Easter egg hunt! While your Easter dinner recipes are sure to enchant your company, no meal is truly complete until you mix up a batch of the best moonshine flavors to create delicious Easter cocktails. Since the holiday goes in hand with the end of winter, it’s the perfect excuse to break out some delicious spring drinks. This list of creamy and tasty drinks are almost as luscious as an Easter cake.

Whether it’s a shot of your favorite moonshine or an elegant cocktail mix, there are flavors here for everyone to enjoy. If you’re making a beautiful Easter brunch instead of dinner, go for a coffee-themed cocktail. Try the Espresso Whiskey that tastes just like a shot of this morning favorite, or the ChocoMoo shine for a delicious chocolate-themed beverage. Find more information with TN. Shine Co!


Cotton Candy and Dream Cream

The Pink Titty cocktail is creamy, sweet and delicious. Featuring a rich Dream Cream shine that mixes perfectly with your favorite flavors, it only gets even more luscious with the Cotton Candy shot that floats on top.


Espresso Whiskey and ChocoMoo shine

It’s hard to resist the sweet taste of a delicious Mocha Frap cocktail. So, break out that bottle of whiskey because this is a can’t-miss cocktail for your Easter celebration. The Mocha Frap drink combines ChocoMoo shine with a shot of Espresso Whiskey. The cocktail is a joy to drink and also a perfect recipe for Easter brunch.


Nanner Pudding and S’mores

The Banana Hammock cocktail’s recipe is one of those magical mixes that you’ll love to create out of a few ingredients. All you need is Nanner Puddin’ shine as a base and a shot of S’mores Whiskey. You won’t regret trying this cocktail mix and the pleasure of drinking it.