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Delicious Nanner Split moonshine cocktail recipe

If you like banana split you will love this delicious Nanner Split cocktail recipe, a blend of the best Tennessee moonshine flavors for a sweet tooth. Get ready for your adult Easter egg hunt with this boozy dessert. Nanner Split cocktails are really easy and fun to mix up at home. Just like a real banana split, you can play with this recipe and add your favorite “toppings,” like strawberries, caramel, and whipped cream. See this delicious recipe with Tennessee Shine Company! 

There are no right or wrong ways to enjoy a Nanner Split cocktail! Get creative and use this recipe as inspiration to create your perfect indulgence in a glass.

NANNER SPLIT RECIPE - or a Banana Split Moonshine recipe

Nanner Puddin’, Wild Cherry and ChocoMoo shine.

The Nanner Split cocktail is creamy, rich and delightful. Featuring a smooth Nanner Puddin’ shine as a cocktail base that stands out perfectly with old-fashioned confection flavors, it only gets even better with a shot of ChocoMoo shine and Wild Cherry shine that floats on top.