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What Proof is Moonshine?

It is common knowledge that moonshine is a strong type of alcohol But what proof is moonshine, and why should you care As moonshine distillers, we at Tennessee Shine Co take proofing moonshine very seriously We understand how important it...

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Does Moonshine Go Bad?

We’ve all been in a situation when we discover a bottle of wine stashed away in the kitchen cabinets and question if it is safe to consume Fortunately, there isn’t a general time limit when this bottle is moonshine Moonshines...

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Can Moonshine Make You Go Blind?

We’ll cut to the chase When distilled properly, moonshine cannot make you go blind However, when distilled improperly, it is possible to get what’s known as “moonshine blindness”  Moonshine blindness was highly...

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How to Drink Moonshine

When many people hear the word “moonshine,” they think of someone making alcohol in the backwoods countryside of the United States This image comes from the fact that many people made moonshine during the Prohibition era, which...

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Does Moonshine Need to be Refrigerated? How to Store Moonshine After Opening

The smooth taste of the infamous moonshine liquor is deliciously mouthwatering But unless you want to enjoy your entire batch of moonshine right away, you will need to store it properly to enjoy later But you may be wondering if...

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Moonshine, Whiskey, and Bourbon: What’s the Difference

Billions of glasses of alcohol are consumed across the planet daily Despite this, only a percentage of consumers are aware of the various types of alcohol You may have sampled a bourbon here, a whiskey there, or some good old...

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