TN Shine Co. Ambassador Program




Ambassadors cannot resell our products after receiving them from Tennessee Shine Company.

Ambassadors must disclose to their audience that this content is intended for people ages 21 and over.

Ambassadors must disclose to their audience that they are endorsed and paid by Tennessee Shine Company.

Ambassadors may not include alcoholic products made by Tennessee Shine Company in any sort of giveaway, raffle, or contest. 

Ambassadors must tag or mention Tennessee Shine Company in all posts pertaining to our brand. 

Ambassadors must not claim ownership of any recipes, stores, or media accounts/ websites owned by Tennessee Shine Co.


That’s all up to you. We select ambassadors based on their unique brand and identity. We hope your creativity will shine through your work as you promote us to your audience! Is your niche comedy? We can’t wait to laugh! Or is your niche bartending? Show us a new cocktail! We’ll send you products to use in your content and some basic guidelines on how to promote them. Above all- have fun and respect the shine.

We’re glad you asked! As an ambassador for Tennessee Shine Company you’ll receive our in-store employee discount of 30% off alcohol and 50% off apparel. You’ll also receive free products that you’ll promote on your platform and keep all to yourself! And for your audience- a special discount code they can use online or in-store! And, of course, you can bet we’ll share your posts along the way. 

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